Short Term Storage

Short term personal storage is a practical choice for those who will either be away for a short period of time or are simply undecided as to the placement of their excess belongings. Here are soome reasons why you might require it.

While moving

Whether you are moving from Makati to BGC, from Manila to Ho Chi Minh or anywhere around the globe, sometimes you cannot bring your belongings to your new place just yet and short term personal storage would be the ideal option.

Store your bulky equipment

If you live in a condo unit in Metro Manila there is a chance space is a challenge. If you practice any sports or if you have any hobbies which require bulky equipments, having a short term personal storage enables you to access your belongings whenever necessary while keeping your place ‘mess free’.

Planning a renovation

You finally have decided to repaint your entire house or moved forward with your dream extension then you should consider short term personal storage.
Our team of professional packers can come to your residence to pack and move to our storage facility any sensible items you may have or remove anything that could be on the way of the construction.

Of course there are many more reasons why you could use short term storage (downsizing, need space for special event, new member in the family…) and one the biggest advantage with Asia Relocation is that your items can be quickly and safely packed up and sent back to you no matter what the reason is.


Whether you are still on temporary accommodations or simply leaving for a few months, short-term personal storage offers an ideal and convenient solution.



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