Long Term Storage

Moving, work, travel, lack of space, etc. Maybe you need a long term storage facility for your things?

We can provide the most appropriate long term storage facility for the belongings, and pack them with materials that will protect them to avoid any kind of possible deterioration. 

5 examples of the use of a furniture storage company:

    • Moving: Traditionally used as a back-up storage during a move, furniture storage companies are still the preferred solution today for bridging two homes.
    • Expatriation: Your company has decided to send you abroad for a project (or else) and you do not want to sell your furniture as you know you will be coming back. Asia Relocation long term storage facility will enable you to keep all your belongings at an affordable cost while abroad.
    • Renovation: During urgent work or renovation, it is often necessary to completely empty certain rooms. Furniture storage offers you flexible and inexpensive storage space for a long period of time, so you don’t have to renovate in a crowded environment.
    • Extra storage: Your accommodation does not allow you to safely store your various belongings. Storage space will allow you to store your various seasonal items that you will not need for many months, such as your ski equipment, a canoe or a jet-ski for example. This saves you a lot of money compared to the rent increase that more spacious accommodation would entail.
    • Succession: In the context of an inheritance, the courts sometimes put the heirs in a delicate situation. If the accommodation was rented, it must be returned to the owner while all possessions must be kept. The use of a furniture storage is a flexible and economical temporary storage solution to meet the requirements of the law.
    • Extended holidaysYou have decided to take a much needed extended holiday and you don’t know when you will return, however you do not want to get rid of your furniture. Long term storage is the way to go. Our team of experienced packers will insure the safe packing and storing of your belongings while you are away. 

There are many more reasons for long term storage and we will be delighted to provide with the best and safest option.

Safe Keeping

For several months or several years, no matter the need, Asia Relocation can assure you that your belongings will be kept safe until you need them.


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