Orientation – Cultural – Language

Adapting quickly to a new environment requires adjusting to a new culture. The sooner you can adapt, the sooner you’ll be able to appreciate your new surroundings, get along with the locals, and be at your best working efficiency. Here at Asia Relocation, we can provide you the following assistance:


This program is intended to deliver enough local area awareness and understanding for the assignee and their family to appreciate what they can expect from their new location.

Information will be provided on housing and schooling options, main amenities, shopping, recreational activities, medical and banking facilities, transportation, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

This orientation program helps employees to relax from the stress of their relocation and focus on their new role as well as their family. It also lessens the probability that the expatriation will fail due to the unhappiness of the assignees or their family.

Cultural Training

The aim of this Cultural Training is to guarantee that employees and/or managers can entirely assimilate into day-to-day living and work circumstances of their new location.

Expatriates and their families are more likely to settle down into their new location if they appreciate and understand the cultural variances they are likely to come across.

It will help assignees to work more successfully with individuals from other cultures and values. A good appreciation of how diverse cultures work together will decrease the time wasted by misunderstandings and guarantees your business is up to the most of every employee’s capacity.

Language Training

Asia Relocation knows how challenging it can be for an expatriate to familiarize to what may be a very different environment, particularly when they do not speak the language.

Enhanced confidence in the language will give assignees confidence in both professional and social circumstances. Language training also allows employees and their families to participate more effectively with individuals they encounter, empowering self-confidence in corporate and social situations.

The sessions can be done in groups or one-to-one, tailored to the ability and needs of the students.



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