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Whether you are internationally moving to another country or relocation within The Philippines, you can count on Asia Relocation to find the most efficient way to pack and move your belongings to your new home without damage, loss, or delay.


Storage requirements mainly depend on the type of items to be stored, their materials, the external environment, and the duration of storage needed. At Asia Relocation we offer multiple storage solutions for the multiple situations you may encounter.


Asia Relocation will guide you through each process of your relocation to make it easier. From your Home search and Orientation, Cultural and Language needs, to your Car leasing, and Immigration/Visas requirements, we are here to support you.


International Move

Moving to a new country and need professional international movers to pack and ship your furniture and personal effect ?

Office Move

Transfering your office and need the services of professional & qualified movers for your office move ?

Storage Solutions

Looking for the right furniture storage solution before your international move or while renovating your home ?

Home Search

Looking for the perfect home to be in harmony with your lifestyle, work and family while moving to Manila ?


Just arrived in the Philippines and you would like to have a fast and smooth adaptation, know what and where to look for ?

Immigration Services

Experienced the hassle of visa processing in the Philippines and would like to take that away from you and your colleagues ?


“The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” Ralph Nichols 

Tell us your projects and needs, we will find the solutions.

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