The time of retirement has arrived and you would like to enjoy it in the country of 7,000 islands however you are not certain about the best visa for you? The Philippines welcomes you with the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

For those who have a Filipino husband/wife, who has the Filipino Nationality, no problem, the 13A Visa is fairly easy to get.

If your Filipino husband/wife has changed his nationality to yours through marriage or else , then the 13G Visa offers the same benefits.

Now for those who are 35 years old and above who would like to make the Philippines their second home or investment destination (regardless of your marital status), those who want to stay in the country without giving up their citizenship, the government has created a visa that simplifies the life of foreign retirees, the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

Pursuant to Presidential Order No. 1037 (also known as PRA Charters), the Philippines Retirement Authority is mandated to make available a set of benefits (a package) for potential foreign pensioners who would like to retire in the country.

It is in this spirit that the Philippines Retirement Authority has been designated to give these foreign retirees an environment that is as favorable as possible.


Former Filipino nationals and foreigners, except those prohibited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Immigration Office are eligible for an Special Resident Retiree’s Visa application, under the following conditions:

  • Being 35 years old or older,
  • Do not have a criminal record,
  • Have the standard of the medical examination,
  • Have the capacity of the requested investment (Time Deposit)
  • Dependent Spouse can join you but must be legally married to the Principal Retiree.
  • Accompanying children must be legitimate or legally adopted by the Principal Retiree, unmarried and below 21 years old upon joining the program


Once your Special Resident Retiree’s Visa is obtained, it opens the door for a number of benefits, such as:

  1. Multiple Entry Privileges
  2. he ability to enter and exit the territory without limitation and the opportunity to stay permanently in the Philippines
  3. Access to Greet and Assist Program at the NAIA, Cebu and Davao airports
  4. Free subscription of the PRN (PRA Newsletter)

You are exempted from

  • Philippine Bureau of Immigration Annual Certificate of Registration:
  1. Alien Registration
  2. Emigration Clearance Certificate
  3. Re-entry Permit
  4. Special Return Certificate
  • Customs Duties and Taxes for the importation of household goods and personal effects up to US$7,000.00 which must be availed of within 90 days upon issuance of SRRV;
  • Tax from pension and annuities;
  • Travel tax, if stay in the country is less than one year from the last entry date
  • Student Visa/Special Study Permit for children-dependent; and
  • Purchasing of Return Ticket

Options and obligations:

Depending on your age and situation, whether you are a pensioner or not, several options are available to apply for Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV) that would suit your lifestyle and needs. Following are the basic features of the different SRRV Options:

  1. SRRV Smile
    If you are active or healthy retirees who are 35 years old above and you would like to maintain your visa deposit of US$20,000.00 in any of the PRA accredited banks.


  2. SRRV Classic
    For active or healthy retirees who would opt to use your visa deposit into an active investment like purchasing condominium unit or use for long term lease of house and lot
    Visa deposit must be:
    US$10,000.00/US$20,000.00 (50 years old & above)
    US$50,000.00 (35 to 49 years old)
    US$10,000.00/US$20,000.00 (50 years old & above)
  3. SRRV Human Touch
    This is for ailing principal retirees who are 35 years old and above who are shown to have medical / clinical needs and services.
    Visa deposit must be:
    Monthly pension of at least US$1,500.00
    Health Insurance Policy acceptable in the Philippines
  4. SRRV Courtesy
    This is for all who have served in the Philippines as diplomats, ambassadors, officers or staff of international organisations who are:
    former Filipinos (35 years old & above); and
    for foreign nationals (50 years old & above)
    Visa deposit must be:
  5. SRRV Expanded Courtesy
    For foreign nationals (50 years old & above) receiving a monthly pension of at least US$1,000.00 who are qualified under PRA Circular No. 12 Series of 2013 and must have a
    Visa deposit must be:


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